Yamuna Body Rolling

Feel comfortable in your body.

YBR using the specially designed Yamuna Body Rolling balls and Footwakers enables you to work on yourself just about anywhere, anytime.  Relieve aches and pains – take the impact of the day out of your body and feet.

Feel taller, lighter and relaxed as you let go of tension and create space in the body.  A great way to stretch and an excellent complement to yoga, pilates or whichever way you like to exercise, Yamuna Body Rolling is the softer side of fitness.  Don’t wear out your joints, create space and comfort in them.




Improved posture – the ultimate in anti-ageing

Increased range of motion – keep on doing what you love to do

Improved alignment in all parts of the body – become less prone to injury

Increased muscle tone – look and feel good

Increased flexibility – feel at ease in your body

Increased organ function – be healthy

Pain relief – ease constrictions