Questions to ask yourself?

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clock-69184_1280Questions to ask yourself

What are you noticing in your body these days?  Any aches, pains, restriction in movement?

What is it keeping you from doing?

If you answer, “nothing really” – are you doing what you want to do with ease?  Or is it a bit of a struggle?  Think about it.

How much better would it feel if what you love to do was comfortable and easy to do?

And if you continue to put up with aches, pains and restrictions, what will that look like/feel like in another year or more?

Ask yourself again. 

Really, what will that feel like one year from now?

By then it might be not as easy to fix.

If you don’t make changes, do you think it’s going to get better by itself?

Give a thought to those around you – how might it be affecting them?  Do people have to make allowances for you?

Are you open to making a few changes in order to feel better and halt the deterioration?

It’s worth a try, wouldn’t you say?

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