Put Yourself First

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wellness-285587_1280Take care of yourself first!

Financial advisors tell us to pay ourselves first – put money into building up savings before we start spending for the month.  Most people wait and only save what’s left over—that’s paying yourself last.

And of course, there is usually more month than money and very little, if anything, left at the end of it.

It’s the same with our mental, physical and emotional health.  The things that will nurture and renew us are the things we end up having no time for.

Doesn’t it make sense that if we take time first for ourselves, we’ll be happier?

And isn’t life wonderful when you’re happy?!

Next question – why do we not make time for ourselves?  Especially when it’s so vital.

What if you put yourself first so that you are in a position of strength with enough vitality and energy to get through everything you need to?

Fill up your energy savings bank.

Think how different life would be for us all.  If momma’s happy everyone’s happy.



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