My Personal Chef

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This is a photo of my personal chef looking a little startled that I was taking his picture. He’s not really my personal chef – well, only on Sundays. That’s when I treat myself to rotisserie chicken and potatoes from the village shop. It always smells too good to resist.

It’s all part of my self-care Sunday. Increasingly so, I’m realising that self-care is not an indulgence or a luxury. It’s a necessary part of getting things done. Self-care tops up our fuel tank so that we are not running on empty.

You may decide you want a weekend away or a spa day. It may be as simple as taking 10 minutes to sit quietly with a cup of tea, going to bed an hour earlier or having a chat with a friend.

When I was caring for my mother, my brother and I would meet up once a week for a pint at the pub. We called it our “hour of sanity”.

What do you do for self-care to keep your sanity?



  1. Guess! Yamuna body rolling! Nice to see you are enjoying life Christine. Kisses from Montreal

  2. Fabulous Christine!
    We will be in krakow tomorrow. While Don is seeing auschwitz tomorrow I hope to have a spa session.
    So happy you are keeping good care!
    Happiness from Deborah

  3. Hi Christine so nice to hear you are well, hope you are keeping busy and sounds like you have lovely neighbours, and would say you enjoy there markets for fresh produce, wondering if you have a small allotment near you to grow your own anyway look forward to your emails, take care of yourself , karol x

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