How are you coping?

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How are you coping with the changes in your life?

Your regular routine is out of the window and for some it must feel chaotic, whether you are counted as an essential worker or whether you are suddenly outside of your regular occupation.

The people who seem to be dealing the best with their changed circumstances are those who are establishing a routine and those who are finding ways to be creative.

I’ve really enjoyed witnessing the fun ideas people are coming up with. They are having fun creating, they are having fun sharing and that in its turn encourages more creativity.

The better you feel, the better you’ll feel.

You may have found unexpected benefits such as sleeping better because tomorrow is taking care of itself with no outside pressures.

Routine is important – it gives a focus, otherwise the day disappears in a blur and you feel you’ve achieved nothing.

As human beings we need a purpose.

We need social contact.

Make an effort to contact one person a day

Here in France we’ve been in lockdown for 3 weeks and this is just the beginning. The sooner everyone takes this seriously and isolates the sooner we’ll get through this.

Embrace this time and make the most of it as much as you can.

It’s important to remember it is only temporary. Down the line many of us may regret not having the luxury of so much time on our hands.

Yes, there will be times when you are feeling totally fed up, frustrated and ready to blow a fuse.

Fear will raise its ugly head.

That’s exactly when I invite you to bash it all out in an email to me ( or just tell me you want to talk and we’ll arrange to connect – we have the technology!

Let me repeat, it’s totally between us. No judgement, no blame, no shame. No topic off-limits.

Listening is what I do best. Vent to me for your own sake. It goes no further.

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