Feel Free to Vent

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You don’t need me to tell you that for many people this Coronavirus epidemic is life-changing. Priorities are being reassessed and people are realising what’s most important to them.

For others, life hasn’t changed all that much. Here in southwest France, the vine workers are going about their days as usual.

Most of us in isolation are dealing with filling in our days in a completely different way.  It’s a marvellous opportunity to learn and grow and to be creative.

For many people, pressure will be building from being cooped up in less than ideal circumstances.

If you need to vent, I am here for you.

Release some of that tension by sharing – get it out of your system. You’ll feel so much better for it.

I won’t share, I won’t judge – no topic is off limits. No blame, no shame.

In the past I’ve dealt with escaping an abusive marriage, the devastation wrought by hurricanes, divorce, bereavement, losing my home in a fire and more.

That’s life.

You are more resilient than you think.

I want to help you get through this.

It’s OK.  Remember it’s temporary.

You can just email me or if you want to talk we can arrange that too.

I’m here to listen. We’ll get through this together.

I’m waiting to hear from you.

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