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Do you feel as though you have lost your identity?  You are known someone’s wife, mother or defined by your job title and you want more than this.  You’re a smart, educated, capable person and you’ve lost your power by fitting in to keep everyone else happy.  It’s not the way you want to live.

You feel restless and you feel it’s time to be and do more.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.   I’m Christine Kay, a wellness practitioner and coach.

What if I told you that by putting yourself first, everyone around you will be happier and you’ll be much more productive?

I had to find this out for myself – I’ve been there, married to a professional man held in high esteem by the community who behind closed doors was controlling and abusive.  I lost all my confidence and felt very alone.  I suffered in silence because I didn’t think anyone would believe me.  Finally I found support and broke free.

I can be that support for you and help you create freedom, self-expression and independence.

I’ve helped other women, as they say, get their lives back and feel renewed and rejuvenated.

If you crave change I make it easy for you to transform into a powerful individual.  I don’t mean bossy, selfish and aggressive.  I mean living true to your values and putting yourself first without guilt so that you can discover new possibilities and insights and live true to your dreams.

Take that first step to discover who you really are so that you can live a fulfilling life and let your unique brilliance shine through.

Email me at the address below and we’ll set up a complimentary call to talk about possibilities and I’ll give you simple practical steps you can start to use immediately to be your best self.

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