About Christine Kay


kay130Whilst living in the Caribbean teaching scuba diving, my yoga teacher introduced me to Yamuna® Body Rolling and I was immediately impressed by how, after the first session, I felt a lightness and openness in my body – and my body wanted more.  What’s more, the session was almost effortless.
I loved the feeling of being refreshed after a strenuous day or, conversely, feeling energised after a day confined to a desk.

When it came time to leave the blue skies and turquoise sea behind, the next adventure was going to live in Canada.  Once there, my mission was to learn more about Yamuna® Body Rolling and I became a Yamuna® Body Rolling practitioner.  The system is named after the creator, Yamuna Zake, whom I’ve been fortunate to study with regularly in the past twelve years on an ongoing basis as the system evolves and she introduces new work.

In addition to being certified to teach Yamuna® Body Rolling, Yamuna® Foot Fitness using Footwakers, and in the Yamuna® Hands-On Table Treatment, I  have a Diploma in Wellness Counselling, certificates in Reiki and Colour Therapy and am a qualified Coach.

I  offer coaching programs designed just for you – tell me what you want an I’ll help you to get there.