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This week is the start of an exciting new adventure and not a path I was expecting.  The opportunity popped up and so after some intensive training, I’m joining Pure Vibe on West Broadway to teach their morning Wellness class. See their newsletter and schedule here.

WBV wavesThe Wellness class is a mix of fitness, yoga and massage and is designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. 

My intention for the class is for you to take 20 minutes (yes, really! Only 20 minutes!) out of your day, focus on yourself and really feel that you’ve done something for yourself. 

No competition – you start where you are at and work at improving a little every visit.

Pure Vibe is all about Whole Body Vibration and it packs a whole lot into a short time.  I came across the technology several years ago and loved it.  Back then it was a case of standing passively on the machine for 10 minutes and vibrating.  The benefits are amazing – it gives a boost to the whole metabolism, muscles, lymphatic system, endocrine system. 

The folks at Pure Vibe have taken it up several notches and have devised Fitness and Wellness routines using the Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration machine (pictured left), chosen by them after much research as being the best.  Check out their website for much more information.

Trust me, even though the machine is doing most of the work, by the end of a 20 minute routine you’ll be working up a sweat and burning the calories.  You can find your own level – no need to go crazy – and you feel the results straight away.

You’ll need to attend an intro session before signing up for class. Whole Body Vibration is not for everyone and it’s important to use the machines under the correct supervision.  Try it – you’ll be surprised and amazed.  I look forward to seeing you in class.

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