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What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

A simple tool you can use anywhere to feel more at ease in your body and counteract the effects of ageing and repetitive stress.

Your body loves to move and any wellness program should include movement that you enjoy and will do regularly without it being a huge chore.  It’s important to make sure your body is properly aligned before exercise to avoid unnecessary strain and wear and tear on the joints – Yamuna Body Rolling is perfect for this.

Yamuna Body Rolling is so versatile – it can be a workout, you can turn it into a meditation by using the power of the breath, or relax and do it in bed.  Either way the body loves it.  Or let me help you free up your joints on the massage table with a Yamuna Table treatment.

What is coaching?

Coaching is getting from where you are to where you want to be with a coach to encourage you and offer effective strategies to help you get there fast.

It’s easy to lose your identity and burn out.

Invest in yourself.



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