Worried about dementia?

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old-peoples-home-63617_640The brain, like the body, loves to be active.  What goes to the brain goes to the body and what goes to the body goes to the brain.  You feel better and you smile, or you force yourself to smile and you feel better.

It works both ways.

Exercise helps prevent deterioration of the brain and dementia.

Dr. John Arden, author of “The Brain Bible” cites exercise, diet (primarily no sugar, no alcohol), adequate hydration, learning new things, changing your routine, travelling to new and unfamiliar places, and no mindless watching of TV as the major ways to improve brain function and brain health.

Even people whose brains show evidence of Alzheimer’s can maintain a higher level of functionality by keeping the brain active.

The more we do now, the less likely we are to suffer dementia as we age.

Get started – the sooner, the better.

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