Why call my business “Christine Kay Wellness”?

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Why call my business “Christine Kay Wellness”?

Something smart and witty was what I wanted.


The Process

Trying a twist on my name became OK Wellness – awfully mediocre.  I didn’t want mediocre.  Downright failure would be better than mediocre.

Christine Has Balls!  Brilliant!

Christine with Yamuna Body Rolling Balls

Christine Has Balls


Invariably that caused laughter followed swiftly by, “Oooh, better not!”

This went on for weeks.  Finally, KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid!  It would be my name and a generic term.  That way it was identifiable and I wasn’t limiting myself to one area even though my main focus is on teaching Yamuna Body Rolling.


What’s in a name?

I started to wonder if maybe I could have chosen a better name when I set off to a networking meeting with one eye red and swollen from a stye that had appeared from nowhere overnight, and I arrived limping having stepped awkwardly off a kerb crossing the road outside and twisting my knee.  The irony of standing up to announce “Hi, my name is Christine of Christine Kay Wellness” was not lost………..

Later as I was drinking that one extra glass of wine that I knew was not a good idea, I wondered, as a Wellness coach, what might I say to myself?

I was pretty sure my reply would be along the lines of “Mind your own business!”



Wow, time to start walking your talk Christine!

A more apt name for my business might be, “Christine Kay (as opposed to another Christine) Making Efforts To Live Well Despite Life”.


Life and ageing bring new things constantly – some more challenging than others.

It’s not what we do; it’s more about our attitude and beliefs; and maybe what we don’t do.

It’s about being the best we can be and empowering ourselves.

Christine Kay Wellness is all about exploring the possibilities.  I’ve made my statement by calling my business Christine Kay Wellness.

It’s a journey.  Come join me?

The only requirements are a sense of humour, an open mind and being kind to yourself.

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