What is Wellness?

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Is this what wellness means for you?


Training for Ironman?  Becoming vegan?

Are you exhausted just thinking about what you “should” be doing?


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Don’t “should” on yourself and think you should be doing a workout that would challenge the likes of Usain Bolt.


Wellness is all about feeling your best, not being perfect

Let’s face it, some days your best just doesn’t feel good enough.  You’re tired, feeling aches and pains.  You may feel sluggish and bloated.    

Those are the days you realise what wellness really means to you and what choices you made to get to where you are now and, more importantly, what choices you need to make in order to feel better and be better.

It may be just taking the time to make a cup of tea, sit down for 15 minutes and enjoy it.  It could be going out for a walk.  It could be taking the time to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal.  It could mean going to bed early for a good night’s sleep.

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Check in with yourself regularly.  Think about your everyday choices and the decisions you make. 

Nowadays there are so many options. 

Yamuna Body Rolling is all about wellness, you being the best you can be, and sustaining that.

Why Yamuna Body Rolling?

Because you’ll probably do it.  It’s easy to fit into most lifestyles and best of all it feels good.

The body loves to move so choose something you enjoy and feel good doing.  Why?  Quite simply, because you are more likely to do something you love to do.  Wellness should not be a chore.  Wellness is not just physical fitness.  It’s important to take into account the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects too.

Have fun! 

If things go awry (and they will, regularly!), don’t be discouraged or beat yourself up.  Think about why you wanted it in the first place.

Forgive yourself and pick up where you left off.

Make that choice, make that decision and take your next step to your wellness – whatever wellness is for you.

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