What is it you are not doing?

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What is it you are not doing?

You know you will benefit from it – why are you putting it off? 

Time passes and you don’t improve. You even get worse.

What does it take to become a priority?  Pain is the usual answer.

Some people are more attached to their suffering than they are to being healthy.  Somewhere in there is a pay-off for them – maybe it’s the only way they feel they can gain attention, or a label like back pain is an excuse not to do something.

Do you carry on down the slippery slope or do you do something?   

Have you reached the absolute bottom and there is nowhere else to go except up?

At the bottom of that slope it can look like an awfully big climb back up.  Take it one step at a time.stairs-70509_150

Once you make the choice and decide to something about your current situation, your story becomes less important.  It doesn’t matter how you got to where you are, what you need to focus on is how to improve your situation.

Perhaps there is fear of becoming someone “different” whom your family and friends won’t recognise.  Often people feel threatened by change – that’s their problem not yours.  Why allow other people to drag you down?

True friends will not mock you, they will be supportive. 

Chances are they will love the new improved you – you’ll feel happier and happiness is infectious.  Be their inspiration.

Be the change you want.  Make the decision and take that first step.  Only you can do it.


  1. As I sit hear and read the early morning posts and blogs Christine, your’s is one of my favorites as it always seems to “hit home”. I’m drinking my tea and reading while the whole time thinking “today is the day I do some morning exercises..”. Thanks again… off I go for a walk in the pouring rain…. Make It A Great Day…I’m going to.. xoxo

    • Thanks Connie! I bet you felt really good after that walk.

      • Yes Christine I sure did. Patted myself on the back and took off my oh so wet pants and shoes… it was fabulous….

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