What is ageing?

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girl-495923_1280What is ageing?

We associate ageing with body breakdown.  We also associate age with a number.  We expect to have restrictions as we get older – it’s a huge part of our belief system.

Ageing is what happens when you do nothing.  When you truly listen to your body’s many messages and respond with loving care and attention, the future holds much less fear.

What if we learned to listen to our body, gave it what it needed when it asked and avoided that breakdown?  We’d function better and feel younger, wouldn’t we?  What about that for a new and better belief? 

Oh, but then we’d have to do something wouldn’t we.  Isn’t it easier to complain and be a victim of circumstances?  “Oh well, I’m getting old, what else can you expect?”

Recently I saw an interview with a spritely lady in New York in her 90s who practises yoga every morning.   She answers people who ask how she stays so young with “There’s no point in my telling you because you won’t do it anyway.”

Maybe yoga every day isn’t for you? 

The important thing is to do something and the more you enjoy doing it, the more likely you are to do it.  Do what you’ll do and do what feels good for your body.  That is what I remember most from my first time at Yamuna Body Rolling class – it felt really good and my body wanted more.

Come to Yamuna Body Rolling group class – Wednesdays 6.30pm, Le Physique, False Creek. 

Have fun.  Play.

Remember, ageing is when you do nothing.


  1. Yes. Aging is when we do nothing. A friend has proclaimed at 67 yrs old that she’s “just going to let it happen and not worry about the gym). At least she walks her dog everyday and plays a bit of golf in the season. I worry for her.

    Keep moving, it’s important.


    • Use it or lose it! It’s easy not to think too much about the future when everything is functioning relatively OK right now. The picture might be much different in another ten years and by then there is too much ground to make up.

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