What if?

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chains-19176_1280What if?

As I said in my blog last week, I’m all about independence and freedom.

Independence and Freedom.

 I and F.


IF is a word we use a lot.  If I had more money, I’d be happy.

Or used in the negative:  If I didn’t look so fat in exercise pants, I’d go to yoga class.

What if you didn’t need more money to be happy?

What if nobody cares how you look in yoga class?

These are choice points.  You can choose to do something or you can choose not to do something.

Look at where you are choosing to give up your independence.

Look at where you are choosing to give up your freedom.


  1. Oooooo – big questions!

    • Big questions, true, and it’s often the small things, or a succession of small things, that keep us stuck. Feel the fear and do it anyway?

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