What does your story feel like?

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quill-175980_640Everyone gets wrapped up in their own story.  How many times have we listened to So-and-So’s latest crisis in excruciating detail, meanwhile thinking it would be nice if someone asked us how we were and cared enough to listen – really listen. Often it’s not about the words, it’s the unspoken emotion behind the words that is important.

This is how our body feels too.  Our body is our story – we are literally wrapped up in it.

The body gives us messages constantly.  Most of them we ignore until the body is screaming in pain, or part of the body breaks down and ceases to function properly.

Often it’s caused by too much of something, like repetitive stress, or too little of something such as water or a certain nutrient. 

Learn to listen to your body.  When the early messages and warning signs are noted and acted upon, the body responds by functioning at its optimum level. 

We associate ageing with body breakdown.  We also associate age with a number.  We expect to have restrictions as we get older – it’s a huge part of our belief system.

What if we learned to listen to our body, gave it what it needed when it asked, removed some of those restrictions and avoided that breakdown?  We’d stay young wouldn’t we?  What about that for a new and better belief?

Oh, but then we’d have to do something wouldn’t we.  Just like So-and-So, it seems easier to complain and be a victim of circumstances.  “Oh well, I’m getting old, what else can you expect?”

Recently I saw an interview with a spritely lady in New York in her 90s who practises yoga every morning.   She answers people who ask how she stays so young with “There’s no point in my telling you because you won’t do it anyway.”

Ageing is what happens when you do nothing.  When you truly listen to your body’s many messages and respond with loving care and attention, the future holds much less fear.

Be proactive.  A Yamuna Table Treatment removes restrictions from the joints and frees up energy – you feel lighter afterwards.  Toxins are released and energy flows again.  You feel refreshed.

Look to the future, listen to your body and learn from the past.  Challenge the popular beliefs around ageing.

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