What does Labour Day mean to you?

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maple-leaf-422582_1280Canada’s Labour Day holiday is generally recognised as the end of summer.  The last hurrah.  Old fashioned tradition says no wearing white after Labour Day.  Back to school.

I was curious about the origins of Labour Day in Canada and discovered that it was the beginning of establishing workers’ rights and establishing unions (a little ironic considering the current BC teachers’ strike).

Are you mourning the demise of Summer or looking forward to the Autumn weather?  Is it a time of ending or beginning for you, or simply a time of change?

Is it time to pick up your fitness regime again?

Yamuna Body Rolling group classes start again Sunday 14th September at the new time of 2pm.

Tell me, what does Labour Day mean to you? See you in class.




  1. For me Labour Day is always welcomed. Not that I don’t love love love summer, but Sept 1 has always felt like a new beginning for me. I remember growing up on the farm and years after it was truly the weekend of harvest (labour). My family would all gather at the farm and harvest the acre or two of potatoes that my Grandfather a had grown over the summer. Several burlap bags filled with potatoes and put away in the cool storage for the year to come. And also the September moon. So beautiful on the prairies. To this day I look forward to Sept 1st and see what the “new year” will hold for me. This fall, it’s looking like “back to school for me” and no one is on strike where I’m going. OH…. and back to Yamuna !! Enjoy. See you in Class.

    • That paints a lovely picture Connie – love your perspective

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