What about the inside?

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What’s happening on the inside?  I don’t mean emotionally or mentally, I mean the inside of the physical body.  That’s the parts we don’t see in the mirror or think about when we step on the scale.

Since committing to a minimum of 5 sessions a week of vibe (whole body vibration at Pure Vibe Studio on Broadway), as well as my own Yamuna Body Rolling work, I’ve seen a steady change in my body during the last 4 months.  From the outside I notice more muscle tone, less cellulite on the thighs, that stubborn menopausal belly fat is decreasing, and, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my ribs are reappearing slowly but surely.

women_bathroom-scalesThe weighing scales are showing no difference whatsoever, although my clothes are fitting much better.

I’m trusting the process.  And it is a process.  Fat is turning to muscle and muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room.

Less room means there is more space for vital organs to function.  It’s not just that muffin top when you look in the mirror – it’s the fat coating your heart, your liver and kidneys, belly fat squashing the intestines, filling the space your lungs are supposed to expand into, distorting the oesophagus and causing acid reflux, exacerbating snoring and so on.

So I’m trusting that it’s not just the outside picture I see.  I’m trusting that all the fat stored on the inside that I can’t see is disappearing.


All I’ve done is commit to daily movement.  I’ve changed nothing else.  Granted, whole body vibration is turbo-charged movement.  I’m not pounding away in the gym and causing untold stress on my joints.  I’ve chosen the softer side of fitness.  It’s a process and it’s working.

The last word on our insides goes to Yamuna:

 “Last night I was interviewed by a Japanese magazine that focuses mainly on women between the ages of 40-60. The questions I was asked all pertained to digestive complaints such as constipation, bloating, fluid retention, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome etc., etc. They asked me which YBR routines would be particularly good for these complaints. I took them through a series of routines explaining how we do not palpate or massage or press into our own abdomens. It is not part of our education. In short, we do not touch and explore that which is inside us and cannot be seen. We [Yamuna®] have been told for years that through our abdominal routines people with chronic constipation and inflammation get rid of their problem often after doing the routines for the very first time. Realizing that with a little direct stimulation to an area that it actually improves function is a huge concept for most people. We have had several people over the years report that their type 2 diabetes cleared up after doing the abdominal work. The simple concept of stimulating all your own internal organs so that they do not get sluggish and then get sick is an important concept for all of us. Where there is a lack of circulation and sluggishness is exactly where disease settles in. There is nothing in any fitness approach that gives you this type of intelligent and necessary pro-active information. This is BODY SUSTAINABILITY.”

So, spare a thought for what’s on the inside.


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