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Change of season – what does it mean for you?  Do you rub your hands with glee and plan Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas or fall into a deep depression at the demise of summer, muttering “Humbug”?

Personally, I feel like hibernating.  Until the sun comes out again and all is forgiven.  Unfortunately, most of the sun we see in Vancouver tends to be of the liquid variety with grey, overcast days.  And to me grey is not a colour.

What to do to protect yourself from the winter blues?

Use colour. 

Eat a rainbow.  It’s not just a way to get kids to eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables – beware of too much comfort food that’s lacking in nutrition.  Aim for nourishing home-made soups.   

Keep moving – dress for the weather and go out.  You’ll feel so much better. Umbrella

Buy a colourful umbrella.  Not only will the bright colour perk you up on a grey rainy day, you’ll be more visible to traffic, and also less likely to leave it behind.

Even if you have a basic winter wardrobe in black, accent with a bright scarf or dramatic piece of jewellery. Remember that gemstones carry their own vibrations.  The colour Turquoise evokes that playful dolphin energy, and helps in communication. 

Check out Pantone for their Fashion Color Report and see what’s trending this season. 

For more insight on the colours of the season, read more from my first ever Colour Therapy teacher, Diantha Harris

Best of all, book a holiday to somewhere warm and sunny, and take me with you! 

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  1. Fun article you wrote Christine and with great tips to still feel in summer, thank you! Happy summery winter!

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