Think outside, no box required

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bosco-177815_640“Think outside, no box required”

I saw this quote recently and was captivated by the simplicity yet profundity of the statement.

The Oxford definition of a box is:

1a container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid

2an area or space enclosed within straight lines

There are not a lot of boxes in nature.

How many of us would benefit by taking a break, leaving our respective boxes, whether it’s the home or the office, and going outside and simply taking a walk.

Taking a walk gets the body moving and gives the mind a chance to see a new perspective and opens us up to our creativity.  Chances are you’ll come back with a fresh attitude, fresh ideas and you’ll be feeling much better generally. 

Don’t go for a walk with a purpose – stroll and meander.  For the golfers amongst you, that includes the tee box. 

Take a route you don’t normally take and take the time to notice what’s around you.  Ignore your phone.  Look up occasionally, not just down at your feet.  Turn round and look behind you.  Notice what you see from this angle that you may have missed.

The weather has been beautiful recently – take advantage of it.  Watch Spring unfold.

You might have an unexpected encounter with somebody or something that adds value to your day or puts a smile on your face.

One thing for sure, if you don’t get out of your box, none of this will happen.  Take the lid off your container now and again. Don’t be stuck in a box.


  1. So true….thanks Christine….I will get out and walk today.

    • Enjoy every moment!

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