Think of the consequences

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anatomy-254120_640Have you stopped to think recently about how your innards are doing?

Do you associate your habitual posture with digestive problems or lack of circulation?

Take a look at the picture and see for yourself how collapsing in at the chest would squash the heart; rounding the shoulders restricts major nerves, arteries and veins; hunching forward makes less space for the intestines to function; and so on.

We start to assume the posture of the activity (or non-activity!) we do most often.  We develop habits of sitting, standing, walking or even lying in bed a certain way.  After many years of this, the body will start to calcify in that position. 

Runners are often tight in the hips; spinning done intensely leads to thickened thighs, shortened quads, shoulders rounded forward with a dropped chest and head thrust forward, shortening the back of the neck.

Before you get carried away by any exercise that is hot and the thing to be doing, check your alignment first so as to be less likely to cause injury and be sure you are counteracting the effects of the exercise on your body by restoring your body to its optimal alignment.

Yamuna Body Rolling is the perfect antidote to repetitive stress.  Don’t wait until you are in pain.

Be intelligent about your exercise and indeed any other habitual activity you undertake in the course of the day.  


  1. Thanks for this Christine. I don’t know how many times a day I correct my posture while at my desk. I’ve put little “yoga” blocks on the floor for my feet, but am constantly sitting twisted with my elbow on the desk. Ooops, just did it again!! Cheers… xo

    • Awareness is 80% Connie – it’s amazing how we find ourselves slipping back into our “comfortable” postures……

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