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Presenting the Business Box draw at Pink Link Ladies summer regional meeting

Presenting the Business Box draw at Pink Link Ladies summer regional meeting

It’s a while since my last blog post so what have I been up to?

Apart from my attempts to keep the garden and my feisty 95 year old mother under control (I’m having more success with the garden), there have been many successes to record at Walney Cottage. Clients are enjoying the benefits of Yamuna Table treatments and the whole body vibration machine, from weight loss, to rehab after hip and knee replacements, increased circulation speeding up recovery from an auto-immune disease, and massive improvement in lymphoedema where the client has now been discharged by the consultant who originally told him he would have to have a leg amputated and sent him off to be measured up for a prosthesis.

There are even a few hardy souls opting for the 20 minute vibe workout and loving it (especially once it’s over).

Steve is a regular client, the victim of a horrendous road traffic accident. (More of his story in another blog)  He now has range of motion in his left arm and shoulder, stuck and immobile for the 20 years since his accident. He’s working with a physio to build up the muscles on the left side of his body now that he has movement on that side and he can put his socks on easier.

Yes, I am tooting my own horn and I’m proud to work with people who want to take responsibility for their own health and be proactive in their well-being.

I have the support of a wonderful group of women, the Pink Link Ladies network. For those of you who are eWomen members, you know just how powerful that is. The picture is taken at Bartle Hall at the summer Pink Link regional event last week where I was an exhibitor.  

Big news – I’ve been nominated and am beyond thrilled and honoured to be a finalist in the Training and Coaching category of the Enterprise Vision Awards (EVAs).

Thank you to everyone who has voted for me in the EVAs. Your support is greatly appreciated so that I can continue to help more people.  If you haven’t already done so you can cast your vote here:

Many, many thanks.

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