Slow and steady wins the race

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Slow and steady wins the race

angry-46369_640Going at something like a bull in a china shop will get results but they won’t be the kind of sustainable results that will serve you best.  That’s why crash diets don’t work. That’s why going all out on a new exercise program won’t work. Don’t go at it full on – chances are that’s how you got injured in the first place.  It’s not sustainable long term.

The problem is that we expect results in the time it takes Usain Bolt to cover 100 metres.

When people talk about goal setting, they say look at where you are now, then look at where you want to be.   I want to take that a little bit further and ask you to look at how you got to where you are now.

Chances are it wasn’t an overnight occurrence.  More likely it’s years of habits that no longer serve you. 

You don’t burn off those extra calories like you used to.  That old injury is causing restrictions.

Your morning run hurts.  After a round of golf you’re stiff and sore for 2 days afterwards.

If you want lasting changes, less is more.  Commitment and consistency are the keywords.

It took a while to get to where you are now and it will take time to get to where you want to be.

 It’s far better to make smaller changes gradually over a period of time than to do everything all at once. 

Slow and steady wins the race.  Commit to changes and gradually work them into your daily routine.ID-10045513

Life still goes on so make any changes realistic, sustainable and achievable.  Make it as pleasant as you can.  Enjoy what you do.  Choose a form of exercise that you like.  Don’t choose it because you think it’s something you should do, or because Mary next door got great results.  You are not Mary next door.  You have to find what works for you and what fits into your lifestyle.  Nourish yourself with a healthy diet.  Aim to gradually phase out those not so good diet choices in favour of healthy alternatives.

It’s an ongoing process, like life.  Keep it simple and enjoy it.


  1. Another great blog Christine. I wanted to mention with gratitude something you said to me after class on Sunday. I was going on about how difficult it was going to be to start my new TR90 weight program this week because I have company coming on the weekend and there would be dining out and wine to be drunk and how could I manage blah blah blah… You simple said: YOU’VE GOT TO START SOMETIME! I’ve give that much thought, started my program yesterday, and will make it work for me. Slow and Easy Wins the Race for sure. Much appreciated and noted. Connie xoxo

    • Good for you Connie. It’s all about making the best choice for you in that moment – to remind yourself of what will serve you best. I look forward to you sharing your successes.
      Thank you too for your constant support.
      Christine xx

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