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options-73332_640I wasn’t like this a year ago

 Coming back to the subject of consistency – it may well be the one single thing that will get you to where you want to be.

Change one thing and keep doing it over a period of time, not a month, not 3 months, just keep doing it and you’ll see results.

Simple really.  Choose, commit, be consistent and change happens.  Lots of C’s!

Simply accept this one change as part of your routine, part of your life, and you cannot help but reap the rewards.

You brush your teeth every day – it wouldn’t occur to you not to.  You’d feel the difference if you didn’t – something wouldn’t be right.

That’s how I feel now about my daily fix of exercise.  I’ve consistently shown up to the Wellness class at Pure Vibe every weekday morning at 10am (I have to – I teach it.  That’s where commitment comes in).

Weekends I teach my own classes for Yamuna Body Rolling.  The two together really get results – results that people are noticing.


Over the past couple of weeks several of the newcomers to the whole body vibration classes have said things like “I wish I was as flexible as you” or “You’re so fit”.  Well, guess what?  I certainly wasn’t like this a year ago.  As I say to people, I’m on my journey too. 

Choose one thing.   Commit to doing it.  Be consistent.  See the change.  One more C………….



  1. Your blog has reminded me of a few things, one in particular and that is to commit to something that is ATTAINABLE. Many years ago I was taught to make commitments that I could achieve, which brings high self esteem, and as you say, results. I’m personally struggling with consistency at the moment and this brings to mind that I just need to commit to doing some small each day that is doable and will bring me results.

    Thanks for the good reminder Christine…


    • I absolutely agree with you Connie – attempting too many changes at once may set you up for failure and land you back at square one and, as you say, probably not feeling good about yourself. Commit to one thing until it becomes automatic (and it may take a while to become automatic), then work on the next thing. It’s a bit like the tortoise and the hare – slow and steady wins the race. Results only come if you keep on working at it.

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