Ready for a World Premiere

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Ready for a world premiere?

We think it might be.

Christine Kay Wellness meets Pure Vibe

Whole Body Vibration with Body Rolling.

 We’re combining the principles of both to come up with a powerful exercise session (especially appealing to those who hate to exercise!)

The classes at Pure Vibe that I’ll be teaching are the morning Wellness classes where we focus on balance and flexibility as the core components of fitness.   WBV waves

Holding good form while exercising is vital as misalignment leads to injury.  The Pure Vibe Wellness classes stress correct form as the basis to work from to become better balanced and more flexible – exactly what we need as we get older.

Proper alignment is key.  The Yamuna system, like yoga, is all about taking the time to relax and let go.  However, Yamuna is also all about alignment and this is where using the ball in conjunction with whole body vibration really works its magic. 

With the help of whole body vibration tension is released and gripping patterns we hold in our body relax.  Adding Body Rolling to whole body vibration increases the effect enormously. 

Working to blend both together has been interesting.  The Pure Vibe brand is based on a fast paced, snappy concentrated 20 minutes whereas a typical Body Rolling class is 60 or 90 minutes so.

It’s a high-energy 20 minutes in the sense of keeping your focus to do your best and challenge yourself wherever you are at and of course like anything else, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. My biggest challenge is to keep talking (!) and cueing the moves for 20 minutes straight. 

 Just standing on the plate of the whole body vibration machine will give you a whole host of benefits but the folks at Pure Vibe have upped the ante and have taken wbv to a whole new level.

The Wellness classes include some Yoga, some Body Rolling, some stretching and a little bit of massage (Trust me, that feels really good!).

Blending Body Rolling into the mix makes for a dynamic workout and it’s certainly something you’re not going to find anywhere else.  Come join us, have some fun, try something new and feel the benefits.  

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