Pure, White and Deadly

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Sugar berry-197075_640Pure, White and Deadly was a book I read in the mid-70s all about the evils of sugar.  The title says it all.  I was newly qualified as a dental hygienist at the time so I was well aware of the perils of sugar + bacteria on tooth enamel and the rest made perfect sense to me that an excess of sugar would cause obesity and heart problems and a whole other raft of health problems.  Professor John Yudkin, the author, was rubbished by the food industry and widely discredited, outweighed by the clout of big business.   He was “uninvited” from conferences sponsored by large corporations with a vested interest in the sugar industry.  Yudkin was effectively silenced.

40 years later, to the detriment of the health of millions in the meantime, these views are again at the forefront of thinking and Yudkin is hailed as a prophet. 

My mother, now 93, always maintains that people were healthier when World War 2 food rationing was in effect.  Certainly from the point of view of sugar, she would seem to be correct.

Sugar is a habit, like tobacco, and sugar substitutes such as aspartame are even worse – don’t get me started on that!  We are used to high levels of sugar in our diet.  Be aware and start to wean yourself off it.  Your body will thank you.  And be critical of where your information comes from – that includes anything you read here.


  1. Pure, White and Deadly…thanks Christine. I’m going to track that book down and read it. The ‘badness’ of sugar was introduced to me in the early 80’s by a dear friend, and I’ve been pretty aware of my consumption since. I love the comment of your dear Mom. Smart woman, and I believe it to be true as well. I was listening to a nutritional video yesterday and it ‘s now reported that – THERE ARE NOW MORE OVER WEIGHT PEOPLE ON THE PLANET THEN SKINNY PEOPLE (malnutritioned). And actually the over weight people are malnutritioned as well, because of all the sugar/processed/fast food that is consumed.

    This link is a great article by a health practitioner that I follow:


    Make it a healthy day.

    • Thanks Connie. Great article – I like his sensible approach. It’s all about education and awareness.

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