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action-19008_640Don’t wait until you are in pain

Do you feel like this at the end of the day?  Are your shoulders and neck stiff after hours sitting at your computer? 

Learn to listen to your body.  By the time you are in pain, that’s your body screaming at you for attention.

Check in with your body at regular intervals during the day.   Check where you are holding tension.

Is it neck, shoulders, jaw, hips, back?  Are your feet locked into your shoes?

Change the position you’ve been stuck in.  Move around.

Make a conscious effort to release the tension.  Give it permission to go. 

We hang on to a lot of stuff we don’t need and tension is one of them – get rid of it. The easiest way is to take deep breaths and consciously let it go. 

When I work with clients, whether in a Yamuna Body Rolling class or a Yamuna Table Treatment, those who get the best results are the ones who consciously use the breath to let go.

Lighten your load – your body will thank you.  So will your mind.

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  1. Welll said. I have an office job which demands long hours of sitting in front of the computer. Lately I have developed back pain and pain in the hips. Now I spend time browsing for workouts and exercises that help in reducing this effect. I recently came across a video on hip exercises. This has helped me immensely in loosening and strengthening my hips.

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