January Full Moon

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The first full moon of the year was quite spectacular – you know, the one that was supposed to be, according to many Facebook posts at least, the turning point for massive change for the better and so on and so forth.

Have you noticed anything radically different in your life? Probably not.

Some people will have had happen the kind of life-changing event that can happen at any time. Death of a loved one, news of serious illness or accident or maybe even a huge lottery win.

Most of us plod on day to day with little or no discernible difference yet things are always changing and truly how much our life changes is up to us. If we want change we need to take action.

Sitting and complaining will get you exactly nowhere except more miserable and making the lives of those you complain to a misery as well.

If you are not happy, look at what you are feeling unhappy about and either change your attitude towards it or change the circumstance.

Nothing is more futile than railing against something you can’t change. Instead, look at how you can better accept whatever is bothering you.

If its something you can change then isn’t doing something about it more profitable than being unhappy?

The full moon energy will only help you if you choose to help yourself.

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