I’ve moved!

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First selfie at 94

First selfie at 94

I’ve moved!

I’m back in the UK with my 94yr old mother and I’m thankful to have this time to spend with family, despite feeling like a foreigner in my own country. I’ve not lived here since I set sail for the West Indies in 1991 and it’s the little things……

Some features of my bank account are not as convenient as I’m used to. Some are way better.  The same with my mobile phone plan.  And I’m learning to speak English again. It’s not a line-up it’s a queue. It’s not garbage it’s rubbish. Asking for the washroom gets me a funny look. Ask for the loo? “It’s that way”.

Things are coming together beautifully.  I’ve found a perfect space to work out of 50 yards from my front door in a community wellness hub. I’ve been accepted into a business course starting next week run by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce. I’ve found not one but three Ladies networking groups in the area. All of this inside a week.

For those of you looking for a Yamuna practitioner, please contact me via email (christine@christinekaywellness.com) and I’ll set you up with a referral.


  1. Well done! I would love a referral. Old bones beginning to creak now you are not here. Have fun

    • Happily I can pass you on to a wonderful practitioner – I’ll email you her contact info.

  2. Oh my Chris what a change good forU to be near your family that’s what life is all about Good luck with your new new life Best Wishes Mo

    • Thanks MoMo – stay in touch. Better still come visit.

  3. well that’s quite the changes for you! It sounds as though the universe has opened many doors to make the transition comfortable for you.
    Enjoyed our cuppas way back when & enjoyed our energy connection. Every now & then I get the desire to find more female community support, & then life happens & it’s forgotten about again!
    All the best!

    Sincerely, Lucie

    • We still have the connection Lucie – just a little greater distance………Cxx

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