It’s the pits

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monument-251685_640Ever think much about your armpits apart from defuzzing and keeping them smelling sweet?

The armpits often become a dead part of the body.  Activating this area gets lymph moving, opens up the ribs to enable taking a full deep breath and keeps the connection between the shoulder and hands alive.  Often there is a disconnect between all the work we do with our hands and forearms and the stuckness of our shoulders.  The result as we get older is a loss of upper body strength and those dreaded bingo wings that start to flap. 

Keeping the armpit area open and active helps prevent frozen shoulder.  My mother, for instance, cannot lift her arms above her head.  She gets really frustrated trying to reach something on a high shelf or when cleaning the windows. 


Think about that.

It really is use it or lose it. 

Watch out for upcoming Yamuna Body Rolling workshops where we’ll be working on the arm to shoulder connection to reduce problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and working to keep every part of the body active and functioning.   

I’ll show you a few simple things which, if you take a couple of minutes every day or so to do, will save you from restrictions later.

We have the education and methods that were unavailable to my mother’s generation – let’s use them.


  1. All I know is there is a lot going on under there!! After a couple of years of a shoulder injury and many attempts for repair, I had several practitioners digging deeply into my armpits. Holy Crap I say. As Christine says so wisely, sometimes there is a disconnect with all we do with our hands etc… Well said once again. Is it true that as we age our breast tissue spreads to our underarms? Make it a great day. Pits and all!!!

    • There is a lot going on there! As for that sagging breast tissue – let’s keep everything where it belongs. Workshop coming up.

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