It’s all about letting go

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fairy-tern-79851_640It’s all about letting go.

One of the vital elements of Yamuna Body Rolling is letting go.  You have to give your body permission to release all the tension, emotion and gripping patterns it is holding. 

Using the breath is an amazingly effective tool.  Breathe it all out.  The body really wants to let go and consciously using the breath in conjunction with the ball brings about marvellous results.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with several clients, starting with a Yamuna Table treatment and an assessment.  Everyone is different and everyone holds tension in different places, in a different way.  Those who gain the greatest results are those who are willing to really go into themselves and discover their own patterns of tension and make a decision to let go of what no longer serves them.

The other key to getting great results is to do your homework!  No need to make a big production out of it – simply relaxing in bed with the black balls strategically placed gets results you wouldn’t think possible until you try it.

I can teach you the Yamuna system – you have to let go and surrender.  I can facilitate, you are the one to make the choice to let go.  The results can be quite miraculous. 

Feel light and free – priceless.


  1. Sometimes you can talk your muscles into letting go – but the don’t like to be sworn at!

    • What’s that again about catching more flies with honey rather than vinegar?…………and I get stubborn when I’m sworn at too! Keep up the good work Patricia, I’m loving the results you are getting.

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