Is earning money costing you?

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calculation-390319_640Does your bank account take precedence over your health?  Is it worth it?

Read what Yamuna has to say then draw your own conclusion:

People begin to lose height very early in their lives only it does not become measurable until 55-60 years old and beyond it only increases! Before this time, it is usually called bad posture. So here is the message, the posture of attitude that you worked on to be cool when you were younger is now calcifying in, and poor work postures are now a permanent part of you.

Accepting the way your body looks and moves as you age makes no sense. When I see smart successful people who are growing in their careers and deteriorating in their bodies I just shake my head in amazement with the illogical incongruent body versus career message and appearance. Why do people accept getting older and losing full range of motion? Why do people accept living in pain? This consciousness has to change. We are living longer and so our bodies need to be priorities alongside with how successful we want to be and how financially comfortable we set our goals for. Having lots of money and having a restricted, painful body just do not go well together.”

Decide what’s more important to you and act sooner rather than later before bad posture becomes more ingrained in your body.  Yamuna Body Rolling is excellent for taking the effects of ageing and repetitive stress out of the body.  What’s more, it’s simple and cost-effective.  Try a class or a Yamuna Table Treatment and feel the difference for yourself.


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  1. OH Boy does this ring true. As of late I’ve been obsessed with the worry of “net worth”. Time to sit up straight and take a deep breathe. As usual Christine, you’ve hit the nail on the head… Many thanks.

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