Imagine this….

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bed-46198_640Imagine this….

Waking up in the morning (always a good thing!).

Stretching and yawning.  Yep – easy to picture.

Jumping out of bed as lithe as a cat……..this is where is gets a bit more difficult, doesn’t it?

In reality, you wake up, stretch and yawn, then grunt and groan (oh just a little bit) as you get to your feet.

And rather than stepping lightly across the bedroom floor, you walk like a ruptured duck, willing your ankles to work and your back to unstiffen and probably thinking along the lines of God I feel old.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the bathroom, most of your body parts have unstuck and you get your day under way.  In some dark recess of the mind you know that you are not looking forward to the time when your body stays stuck and stiff but that’s a way off yet so no need to trouble yourself further with that thought today now that you are up and moving.  Too much to do…………….

What IF (remember the I for independence and the F for Freedom) that time has arrived and you are stuck doubled over and shuffling off to the bathroom every morning and that stiffness stays?  How does that feel?  Imagine that.  Bet you really do feel old now.

How soon is that going to happen to you?  Or rather how soon are you going to allow it to happen to you?  Your choice.

IF you don’t want to face that in the future, or even in (especially in!) the present, try the Yamuna Body Rolling system.  The investment for the equipment to get going is less than what you would pay for a massage or chiropractic visit and even after one Yamuna Table Treatment, your body will feel lighter, freer and renewed.  First-time? Try a one-on-one session for only $39 – feel the difference.  You’ll be amazed.

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