I want what she’s having

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Yamuna Table Treatment

Yamuna Table Treatment


I want what she’s having.

I can talk about the Yamuna system until I’m blue in the face – the best thing is to experience it.

This week I’m asking those of you who have tried Yamuna Body Rolling and/or a Yamuna Table Treatment to offer advice and encouragement to those who have never tried it.

I’ll start the ball rolling (pun fully intended):


  1. Wear close fitting clothes (exercise top and leggings) as loose clothing gets caught up in the ball.
  2. Breathe deeply
  3. You’ll feel………………………………………..

Please comment – I’d love to hear what you have to say and I’m sure those who are wondering about Yamuna would too.


  1. Taller, looser & amazing!

    • Thanks Lucie!

  2. As though your body is working wonderfully and you can take on the world

    • And you have! (Taken on the world) http://leadingtolearning.com/ is a marvellous resource for parents who want their children to be the best they can be.

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