How to save time and money

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PearlBallTime and money.  The two things most people wish they had more of.  How to make the best of both for your health and well-being?

11 ways Yamuna Body Rolling can save you time and money and maximise your well-being:

  1. Prevention – keeping your body aligned and flexible prevents injury and the effects of repetitive stress
  2. Once you learn the routines, you can do them at home, saving time travelling to and from classes and appointments
  3. Once you have the ball and work regularly at home, you may only need to visit the chiropractor or massage therapist monthly instead of weekly
  4. Investment in a ball costs no more  than an hour with a health professional
  5. Take the ball to work with you, take a break and re-energise, be more productive
  6. If you only have 15 minutes, YBR is perfect for a quick fix for any part of the body
  7. After a hard day, take the effects of repetitive stress out of the body, there and then.
  8. Use the Footwakers as you sit at your desk – exercise your feet while you work
  9. Travel with the Black balls and Footwakers – use them on the plane to keep the circulation moving while sitting for long periods in a confined space. You’ll arrive actually feeling human.
  10. Use the balls in bed – if you can’t sleep, using the balls will relax the body and the mind and you will still feel refreshed when it’s time to get up
  11. Self-empowerment – YBR helps you get in touch with your body and your body’s needs.  You are in control.

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  1. Can’t wait for September classes. Love that Sunday morning roll.

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