How pretty are your feet, really?

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flip-flops-163577_640It’s flip flop season.  And I’m talking about footwear, not the changeable weather.

This is the time of the year feet are liberated from boots and shoes and as Yamuna puts it, this can be the healthiest time of the year for your feet if you have a high foot IQ.

What does that mean?  It means instead of letting your feet and ankles collapse with no support, you learn how to strengthen and use your foot properly to support the rest of the body.

This is where the Yamuna Footwakers, a little bit of instruction and a few minutes daily to exercise the feet come into the picture. 

Make it a pretty picture – you take the time for a pedicure because you want your feet to look presentable.  Make your feet healthy with no swollen ankles in the hot weather and the rest of your body will feel the benefits too.

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