How critical is your thinking?

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cutting-150066_1280How critical is your thinking?


Do you believe everything you read? Or everything someone tells you? Or everything you see on the internet?


You probably filter information coming at you and discard most of it.


Or do you?


We didn’t know how to edit incoming information when we were 5 years old.  We soaked everything in like a sponge.


We still do soak in a lot of information subconsciously and unconsciously – at least now we can examine our beliefs around the information and see if it really holds true.


I’d like you to challenge some of those thoughts and beliefs – particularly around ageing.

You are invited to join me for a presentation. 


Top 3 Myths around Ageing: How to Stay Vibrant, Functional and Independent


Venue:  Le Physique, 662 Leg-in-Boot Square, False Creek, Vancouver V5Z 4B3 (Close to Olympic Village skytrain station)  Tel: 604-873-2255


Date:  Monday 23rd March 2015


Time: Starts promptly at 6.30pm – 7.30pm


Let go of the myths and fears around how we are expected to be as we get older and challenge traditional beliefs around ageing.


Learn simple easy lifestyle tips and techniques that will allow you to make the most of life at any age.


Live life to the full on your terms.










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