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RomanBathHouse This is a picture of the Roman Bath House at Lancaster Castle.

I had 2 and a half hours to wait for my train. I’d checked with a station staff member who asked if I’d just flown in.  My first thought was Do I look that bad? Then I realised my bag still had the labels on.

No hesitation, he found a creative way to unburden me of my luggage* and sent me off to take a look around Lancaster Castle which overlooks the railway station.  Have you been up there?  Er, not for about 50 years.  Off you go then.

It was the best thing he could possibly have done for me.  There were a handful of people around.  Everyone I passed smiled and said hello. I walked past the castle and followed the signs to the Roman Bath House.  The walk and the fresh air were just what I needed.  I was amongst trees and woodland flowers and I felt on a soul level that this was what I’d been wanting for so long.  It was wonderfully restorative.

I found the site of the Roman Bath House then wandered along the riverside pathway and back up to the castle where I remembered that part of the castle is still a functioning prison.  It was an odd juxtaposition to have tourists wandering round and part of the castle has inmates courtesy of Her Majesty.

I could only imagine what the facilities were like in such an ancient building.  I gave the tea rooms a miss, although some of the cakes looked tempting and went back to catch the train.

*Left luggage facilities ceased to exist in the 70s because of IRA bombings.  This was a classic example knowing the rules and how to bend them to create amazing customer service.  His employer, Richard Branson, would be proud.  

Read about the Roman Bath House https://lancashirepast.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/lancaster-roman-baths-and-wery-wall/


  1. Sounds like you landed quite nicely Christine. Enjoy your time with your family. Precious.

    • Thanks Connie – yes, it was a smooth flight (I took my Yamuna Black balls and Footwakers to keep my circulation going and it makes a huge difference) and wonderful to get the break to walk in the woods – so tranquil.

  2. Good news that you are safe and sound on home ground. I know the feeling that overcomes one when they are “home” It’s a lovely sense and enjoy every moment with your Mom and family. Pam xox

    • Thanks Pam – lovely to be home as you say.

  3. Lovely picture…we miss you and look forward to more posts from you. Have a fabulous time!

    • I’ll keep you up to date – watch this space! Love to all.

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