Happy Canada Day

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heart-355711_640Today there will be ceremonies welcoming new Canadians to Canada for those people who have chosen to live here.  Their reasons will be many and varied.

This is a perfect time to reflect on why we choose to live here and on all the things that make Canada the country it is. 

Reflect on all the things we take for granted and the huge array of services and opportunities available to us.  Make the most of them and share the benefits.

Be thankful for everything we have in Canada and enjoy it responsibly.

Have fun.

Happy Canada Day!


  1. HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE: As a second and third generation (depending on which Grandparent) Canadian I often stop and give thanks for the country I was born in and am Truly Canadian. With all the unhappiness and unsettled business in so much of the world we are truly Blessed. Enjoy your Canada Day.

    • We are blessed to have so much abundance and freedom here in Canada, truly.

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