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cat-212703_640Wellness tourism is catching on.  People want to make the most of their (short) vacations and relax and refresh as much as possible. 

A change of scene is usually a big part of a vacation – a change is as good as a rest, as my grandma used to say.

Where to go?


What to do? 

What refreshes you most?  Is it meditation and a quiet relaxing vacation away from it all?  Or it might be extreme sports and getting the adrenaline flowing?  Maybe learning something new?  Meeting new people?  Volunteering time to a community project?  Maybe a little bit of everything.

One thing for sure, vacation time is brief in relation to the time we spend in our daily routines so we have to choose wisely to get the maximum benefit.

Ever tried being a tourist in your own town?  Take a day and do something, go somewhere and act the tourist.  Be creative. Take a look at the familiar from an unfamiliar aspect and you’ll see things you’ve never noticed before.  Have fun.

A change, no matter how brief, is as good as a rest.

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  1. Christine: Another great reminder to get out and do something different in this fabulous city we live in. I am so guilty of staying within the 5 block radius of my home. There are mountains to hike, trails to stroll down, beaches, and shops and areas of this city I have never been to. Would you like to make a date with me when you return from your Vacation? Cheers… Happy Trails on your journey.

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