Hands, Wrists to Shoulders Workshop

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Hands WristsComing up at the end of this week is a Hands, Wrists to Shoulder Workshop.

Women often tend to lack upper body strength.  Often it’s because of a disconnection between our hands and shoulders.  We do a lot of detailed work with our hands, whether that’s hours spent at the keyboard, knitting, baking, holding a paintbrush – whatever the activity you do most of, and often our shoulders are hunched and tensed up.  The hands lose flexibility, the shoulders are stuck and the arms become weak.  It becomes difficult to support our body weight and certain exercises, such as downward dog and push-ups become more challenging.


At the workshop you’ll learn how to counteract repetitive stress and unlock the hands to regain use of the whole arm thereby strengthening the wrists.  Avoid frozen shoulder and the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.






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