Get the change you want

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cute-18716_640Get the change you want

To get back to feeling more like your old self, change something. Just like the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, doing the same thing in the same routine does not stimulate the brain so you tend to feel emotionally and mentally flat.

It’s good to have structure to get necessary things done properly and that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something different.

To change your mood, you can start by changing your body.  We are built to move and our brain responds to our body’s movement.

In her TED talk Amy Cuddy says hold a pencil between your teeth to force a smile and it takes only a couple of minutes for you to start to feel better – the smile sets off a chain of events from the body to the brain and back again that will improve your mood.

We carry so much of our body around in a lump.  Often you’ll see someone turn to look behind them and they have to turn their whole body because the neck and shoulders are stuck and have to turn as one unit.

Remember the puzzles where we had to join up the dots and make a picture?  Imagine your body being made up of dots.  The person turning his whole body to look behind has fewer dots than the girl doing yoga twists.  The areas between the dots become stagnant.  When these areas are reactivated, guess what? New connections form in the brain, we feel lighter and energised.  This is true anti-ageing. 

Yamuna Body Rolling, especially together with sessions of Yamuna Table treatments, helps to reactivate the areas in your body you’d forgotten could move.  Get unstuck, free the restrictions, let the energy flow and feel like your old self again.  Or should that be your young self?!

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