Fun and Freedom

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WALNEY-ISLAND-23--Biggar-Bank-Beach,-Walney-IslandThis isn’t me, but it shows beautifully how I spent my childhood before I started school.  Every morning my grandpa would walk over to collect me and give my mother the opportunity to catch up with her jobs.

We would go down to the shore and if the tide was out revealing the sand I would get busy with my bucket and spade while my grandfather looked for driftwood.

I was always out in the fresh air, wrapped up in winter like the kiddy in the picture and was content for hours with my bucket and spade.  I’m thankful  I had this freedom as a child.

It’s changed little – the major difference being the windfarm that has sprung up in the Irish Sea and the crop of windmills.  I always knew it was breezy.  Nowadays Walney has found favour with kite-surfers as having near perfect conditions.


  1. Great reading your experiences & memories. Enjoy your time back in Jolly ole E. See you when you return.
    Looking forward to more of your writing.

    • Thanks Lucie – watch this space!


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