Foggy days

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self-portrait-62903_640Today I was watching the fog roll around the city here in Vancouver – there would be a sunny patch and then the fog would close in again.  Another sunny patch then the fog would close in.  Next thing, there was no signs of fog at all – bright sunshine, clear blue sky.  Then gradually the fog would close in again with the odd bright patch.  This cycle continued most of the day until finally the fog lifted and the setting sun was reflecting on the downtown buildings like fire.

It struck me that it was a good analogy for the way we go through life.  Sometimes everything seems closed in and we can’t see a way forward, then we get a glimmer of hope and gradually everything clears enough so that we can see a way forward. 


Often the fog is of our own making.  We lose sight of where we are going and have to wait until we find illumination again.  This is where we have to trust, go inwards to examine our doubts and fears and not force anything.  You know what it’s like driving in fog, the brighter the headlights, the worse the visibility.  You can’t force a quicker way.  It’s a time to be patient and go through the process.

Trust that the fog will lift and all will be revealed with clarity.  The sun is always shining brightly – it’s just that sometimes we don’t see it.

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  1. I woke this morning to darkness, as usual in the January days, and as I was working at my computer the light started to come into the sky and I noticed the fog. I seem to be going through a lot of the foggy patches these days and this is a great way to think of it Christine. Today I am going for a walk in the fog to look for some bright patches. I know they are there. Love the fog….. xo

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