Enterprise Vision Awards

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What a fabulous evening and a wonderful experience to be one of the finalists in the Enterprise Vision Awards for women in business in the north west of England. I met some amazing women and it was a privilege to be amongst them. I didn’t win the award but I certainly don’t feel like a loser. Just to get to the finals and attend the sumptuous gala event for 600 people in the Empress Ballroom in the Winter Gardens, Blackpool was an uplifting and inspiring event.

I had the support of so many people to get there – colleagues, friends, everyone who voted for me (thank you) and not least my mother. I would have liked to have brought home the trophy to put on her sideboard but at least it’s one thing less to dust. She’s had to make do with a photo of me in my posh frock.


  1. Congratulations, Christine. You look beautiful in your posh frock. You know it’s a prestigious event when they have it in Blackpool.
    It’s great to hear from you and see you are doing so well. We miss you in Vancouver

    • Thank you Lorraine – I would not be where I am without your support

  2. You are a winner in my eyes. You look fabulous! I am glad you had a fabulous night!

    • Thanks for that vote of confidence Deborah

  3. Wow! You look fabulous. Glad that you had a good evening – onwards and upwards!

    • Thank you Patricia. Today Blackpool, tomorrow………?

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