Do you choose to feel old?

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people-218843_640Imagine………………….being 90? What does that look like for you?

Will you be out and about doing what you love to do?  Or will you be wheelchair bound and totally dependent upon others?

Most of us will be somewhere in the middle.  Frustrated that we can’t do what we used to do and limited in our mobility with a fear of falling.

Now look back to how you were 20 years ago……..10 years ago.

Looking back we tend to see things with rose-coloured glasses and remember with nostalgia that times were happier than we thought at the time we were actually living those events.  However, in this instance, when you look back at your activity levels and mobility, it’s probably true that you did have more flexibility, greater range of motion and fewer aches and pains compared to now.

Some people seem content to slide into old age, accepting that it’s something that just happens and it’s unavoidable.  Not so.

This 35 year study shows living proof of the difference activity and other lifestyle factors make in the quality of old age.

These men made lifestyle choices.  Activity was factored into their regular day, not added on.

Often,  adding on a trip to the gym or yoga class or a bike ride seem like just one more thing we have to do and it takes us into overwhelm.   Enjoy what you do.  Find ways to increase physical activity in your day.

None of these men seemed to be regretting the choices they made – quite the opposite.  And it’s never too late to make life-empowering changes.  Some of the ladies I work with in my 3 month program who want to regain and maintain flexibility say they feel better than ever now that they have decided to put themselves first and take the time and effort to improve their fitness.

Make a few choices now and watch the quality of your life improve.


  1. Isn’t it the truth. I have been irresponsible the last 14 months on my mobility and strength exercises and I can sure feel the difference. I’ve always said “if you don’t use it you lose it” and I’m living proof. Christine when you mention “my 3 month program” could you give more detail, or perhaps email me information. Keep moving !!! (note to self)

    • My 3 month package includes 12 one-on-one Yamuna Table Treatments, Equipment, a tailor made program and coaching to suit each individual and includes free access to classes.
      At the end of the 3 months you’ll feel like a new person and have the techniques and tools to fix yourself anywhere, anytime.

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