Different clientele, same desires

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knit-637100_1280Different clientele, same desires

I’ve moved into a completely different zone.

One without a Starbucks on every corner, rife with yoga studios and organic grocers.

Here I’m still in the land of cut-price supermarkets and meeting for a cup of tea in the market cafe.  Copious gluten-free offerings and food fads are a thing of the future.

As regards health, the main topics of conversation seem to be doctors and hospital appointments and Slimming World vs Weight Watchers.

One thing that is the same – people want to feel comfortable in their body and our body wants to be comfortable.  That is why our body gives us signals of discomfort and pain when something is out of balance.

Everyone wants aches and pains gone.

We want  to keep on doing what we love to do, whether it’s knitting, fell walking, walking the dog, playing with the grandchildren – whatever makes us happy and gives us some peace – we want to keep on doing it without pain for as long as we can.

A couple of brave souls from the Knit and Natter group at Walney Cottage have tried a Yamuna Table Treatment for exactly those reasons with encouraging results and they want more.

I love to be able to help those who want to help themselves.


  1. ‘Knit and natter.’…nicer words than than stitch and bitch!

    • Ah, the richness of the nuances inherent in the English language…….

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