Do you live with chronic back pain?

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human-189282_1280Do you live with chronic back pain? 

What does it stop you from doing?

What did you used to love to do that you can no longer enjoy because of your back pain?

Or, if you do keep on doing it, you suffer more pain?

How does it affect your mood?

How does it affect others around you?

Do you hope it will get better by itself?  Maybe sometimes it does and then it’s back again.

How will it be in 5 years’ time?  10 years’ time?

The Arthritis Society says, “Seventy percent of people with back pain recover within a month. Back pain that persists for more than six months occurs in only 1% to 5% of the chronic back pain cases. About half of the people with long-term back pain return to work.”

What can you do to help yourself?

Improve posture – a correctly aligned spine will support your body and you’ll move with greater ease.

Keep the spine flexible and strong with exercise.

Look after the feet.  The feet support the whole body.

Have you ever tried Yamuna Body Rolling? Following the routine to roll the ball up the back will help align the spine, strengthen the muscles and relax the whole body.

If you are tired of holding on to the pain, what have you got to lose?  Learn to help yourself.

Classes are starting soon at Le Physique, False Creek.  Let me know if you are interested.


  1. Good Morning: I find those stats a bit off, but what do I know. I just know I’ve had and still have friends and family in chronic back pain. Yes, they go to work, although some have been off work for up to 1 1/2. I had back pain when I was younger (early 20’s due to ballet) and thank goodness I found a physical instructor who saved me.

    As for a class in Yamuna – YES YES AND YES.


    • I think the stats are open to interpretation too. And when does chronic backache become acute backache and vice versa? As for classes, no-one seemed willing to commit a series, so I will probably do a few workshops starting in March.

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