Christmas gift-giving

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gift-548293_1280Keep it simple.

A small gift delivered with love is far better than a gift given with energy of anguish behind it at how much it cost and how on earth am I going to pay for it later.

Gift-giving can raise all sorts of issues from feelings of self-worth to keeping up with the Joneses, with judgements left, right and centre.

If anyone judges you, it’s their problem not yours.

Do whatever feels right for you with no apologies.

Give what you can, however small, expect nothing and receive gracefully and gratefully.


  1. HIP HIP HOORAY !! As I start my minimal amount of shopping I have exactly these thoughts… what to get what to get what to get… Then I remind myself that the important thing is that I’ll be with the people I love the most on this earth. What more could I ask for and it is not what gifts I show up with… Merry Christmas my Friend. I’m most grateful for YOU.

    • Thanks Connie – lovely sentiments

  2. I elided to ‘do’Christmas in one day. Yesterdayi bought cards, gifts and wrapping paper. No stress, no pain. Christmas is for enjoying not stressing out – done that too uh in the past.

    • Well done! With that behind you, you can relax.

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